What Type of Content Writer Do You Need?

By admin

19 Nov, 2019

You know you need help getting your message across. But have you considered what type of content you need and what type of writer can help you? Some writers can compose more than one type of content. But more often than not they hold a specialty, or at least a strong preference towards a writing format. Introducing the most common types of writers that I see business owners as needing… or thinking they need.

General Copywriter

Generalists are widely available. They should have excellent grammar and be able to form solid, compelling sentences. Generalists can help you with your website copy and blog posts, amongst other things. To help your generalist write content that packs a punch, give them your keywords and phrases. (You might need to find them yourself first!). Your writer should integrate your keywords to maximise organic search results.

Subject Expert

Subject matter experts are those who have a deep understanding of a particular topic. They can write about the industry or topic with experience and authority. When my children were little and I was working in SensoBaby, I used my expertise to write about preparing for parenthood. It was so rewarding for me to be published in what I was passionate about at the time. Now that I’m 100% back into marketing, that’s my chosen subject matter to write about. I love thinking about how to help mumpreneurs and writing content based on my 18+ years of experience. Subject experts will frequently share their knowledge through guest posting, podcasts, and their own business (i.e. their own blog posts, emails, ebooks, and courses).

Conversion Writer

You might as well call this person your call to action master. A conversion writer will know the psychology of selling. They will explore and answer your reader’s questions at each stage of the buying journey. No matter what industry you’re in, I don’t think a conversion writer alone will be able to do this for you. As a business owner or marketer you need to know exactly who your audience is and what they need at each stage. If you can’t answer these questions, you’ll have a hard time briefing a conversion writer to do the job. It’s your responsibility to know how to move people through each stage of the buyer journey. It’s not an easy process, but it’ll really optimise your content creation.

Social Media Writer (or Manager)

These are online writers who know all the tricks of the trade for creating engagement and integration. They’ll know the idea frequency of posts, best posting times, and how to maximise your content calendar by repurposing content. They’ll know how to use hashtags, links, and questions to get the most from your posts. And they’ll know exactly how to format your posts for each channel – I know I’m not the only one who’s googled how to do Instagram line breaks before! Most of the clients I’ve worked with have hired Social Media Managers instead of writers, but that’s because they already had subject matter experts or copywriters… they just needed the someone to add the whiz, bang, pop to the social posts after.


The main value of working with an influencer is that they’ll often come with a ready-made audience. Finding the right influencer to match your brand’s target audience is crucial. Do their followers match your target audience? And will this influencer bring credibility to your brand?

Advertising Copywriter

I dreamed of being an advertising copywriter. Their ability to condense a brief into powerful and creative messages amazes me. Think how with outdoor advertising, you’ve only got about 2 seconds to get your message read by a driver. I’m much too wordy for that! If you need to keep your copywriting short and impactful, an advertising copywriter will be a good fit for your project. They’re also perfect for maintaining a brand voice across various media.

Brand Journalist

First, let’s establish that a journalist is someone who can find human interest in a story. Journalists write from a factual place, investigating to look at the topic from multiple perspectives and report informatively. A brand journalist can take these skills and apply it to your specific business. They’ll take time to find the story, then adapt it to your brand personality and messages.


These aren’t the only types of writers but they’re the ones I see clients needing or wanting the most. I’m a firm believer that passion and enthusiasm glow through words. Before you hire your next writer think about the content you need to create. And look for someone with the correct skill set or interests. If you need help, get in touch and I can point you in the right direction.

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