Even if you haven’t heard of Inbound Marketing before, chances are good that you’ve seen it in action.

When you turn to Google to help you with your problem, companies that practice inbound are the ones that appear on the first page. Their websites are informative and full of content that answers your questions. They’re honest and trustworthy and so helpful that you want to come back to them time and time again.

What does Inbound Look Like?

Inbound is the new content marketing, integrated with the latest online marketing technologies. It centres around the emotional or physical needs of your target prospects and draws customers in through relevant, engaging content. Talking about your product is secondary to relating to your customer’s problems.

By creating educational content relevant to your prospects’s needs, you’ll organically attract the right customers at the right time.

How Do You Start?

Companies that embrace the inbound methodology require marketers skilled in buyer persona research, keyword search optimisation, list segmentation, email campaigns, personalised lead nurturing, content development, and marketing automation software.

The good news: there’s no need to hire an inbound freelancer for each task. Let’s work together with an initial 6 month retainer, and I’ll prove the power of inbound as it relates to your unique business goals.

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