I’m a marketer with a passion for writing that became a copywriter to work within my natural gifts. When you work with me you get all of my experience and passion.

I write smart copy for companies, agencies and individuals looking for a writer who can understand their needs, listen to their ideas, and contribute to the overall marketing process.

Who I Write For

Recently I’ve been helping smaller companies find their voice. I like to write about my interests and what I believe in, so as a new mother I’ve been focusing on children’s projects lately. Current clients in this category are SensoBaby and Little Einsteins Nursery School.

I have experience writing for every channel, but I’ve been focusing on inbound marketing (versus traditional). Much of this has been web writing, social media and blog posts. As well as lead generation and retention email campaigns.

Other clients have included a yoga and fitness TV channel and their artists, a chain of yoga studios, financial educators and several companies in the success training business.

How I Work

I’ve been based in Vancouver, London, and now — Gaborone, Botswana. Working ‘location independent’ means I always start with a Skype or FaceTime video call to ‘meet’ my clients. Following that, most work is done via email.

What I Charge

I charge project rates that I calculate based on an hourly rate of $50 USD. That way, you don’t feel as though you’re paying me to work on your project; you’re paying me a fixed sum to deliver what you want.

If you’d like, I can also offer ‘copy to completion’. In this case I won’t just write the words you need, but I’ll do whatever it takes to deliver the finished product. I will bring in other freelancers or businesses to fill in where my skills lack, such as people to do the layout, design, production and printing.

What I Will Deliver

I deliver complete copy to your 100% satisfaction. Usually I’ll nail it with two rounds of revisions but if it takes more, so be it.

Working within your project timeline I’ll deliver an initial draft copy by email, await your compiled feedback, then turn around each round of revisions within 2 days – usually less.

Copy decks can be sent in either MS Word or plain text format. Or, depending on the project, I may even upload to your website for you.

My Process

I follow the POWER Copywriting process coined by Copyblogger. It’s a simple, systematic approach that works for me.

1. Prepare

First, I get the information I need from you. I’m going to ask a lot of questions here… mostly about what you want, what you’ve done before, what’s worked and what hasn’t, that sort of thing.

I’ll need lots of information about your target market; what objections your prospects might have and what endorsements you’ve got from happy clients.

By the end of this I should also have a sense of your brand’s tone of voice and what the creative opportunities are.

2. Organize

Here I’ll organize all of the information you’ve provided and enter my research phase, where I review your past work and that of your competitors.

I’ll be writing while I research. I make note of challenges your customers face and how you help people overcome them. Are they driven by fear, embarrassment or envy? Or are they seeking satisfaction, comfort or accomplishment?

Uncovering the strongest emotional link is the most important step I’ll take in the writing. Once I’ve got it, I build on it. I address those needs in the copy because until we do, the prospect won’t budge. They won’t listen to our credentials, our studies, our data, our benefits… nothing.

I’ll write and rewrite notes and build the ‘copy before the copy’.

3. Write

Now that I’ve organized everything and gotten into the hearts and minds of our customers I can begin the real writing. Now the headlines, subheads, body copy, offer and call to action come together.

4. Edit

I try to be ruthless with my editing. Every word must add to the message.

I will provide long or short copy, whichever we’ve decided in the brief. I just want to make sure that every part of the copy is working hard.

5. Review

It’s so important to look at the copy with fresh eyes. And this is where I’m brutally honest on my work! I’ll list all the negatives, consider other ways of writing it, and get feedback from a few objective people.

Then, I’ll present it to you so you can be just as ruthless. Together we’ll work through revisions until you feel that it is bang on. We both need to be confident that it’ll meet the objectives or there’s no point in proceeding.

Over To You…

That’s a bit about the writing work that I do and how I do it. If you’d like to talk more about my copywriting, discuss an upcoming project, or learn about the other services I offer please get in touch.

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