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Let me start by taking you back a few years. I worked for Peak Potentials, a personal and business success training company. My mentor and manager Charlene Brisson loved an event exercise called ‘Speed Networking’. Any event where Charlene could bring in Speed Networking was winner for her!
In Speed Networking we’d have two lines facing each other, so the person opposite you was your partner. Person A would get 30 seconds to introduce himself to the person opposite, then Person B would go.
But often people wouldn’t know what to say, and 30 seconds can go by very fast! After many years of marketing experience and Speed Networking events, I’ve cracked it.
Here’s how you can create a powerful introduction of who you are and why you do what you do.
The Golden Circle
Simon Sinek set out to discover why some companies achieve extraordinary success… and why others fail. His findings are appropriate for businesses of all size. And individuals too.
Watch this short video to learn Simon’s insight, that he called The Golden Circle.

It all comes down to the fact that you need to start with WHY. People don’t buy what you do. They buy WHY you do it.
You have to know WHY you’re doing what you’re doing. We’re not talking about your company history or how you got started in business. But its about standing out and having a compelling reason for doing what you do. The more compelling your story is, the more likely it will get shared. Stories and emotions are how people remember.
When you talk about your WHY first, you’ll be communicating with feelings. The human brain visualises what it hears; that’s how we remember things. So the best way to make your WHY come true is to form it into a vision.
Find Your Personal or Business Why
To find your WHY and build it into your vision of success, ask yourself…
  • What drives you to want to be in business?
  • What do you feel most strongly about when it comes to this business?
  • Do you believe your business makes a difference in the lives of your clients?
  • Is your business like a calling, something you’re meant to do?
  • Does your business have the potential to inspire others?
These questions will help you uncover a why and hopefully a vision of what you want to achieve for your life and business. 
Now Learn To Introduce Yourself
Once you have your WHY, write your elevator pitch as a way of introducing yourself. If you’ve only got 30 seconds to introduce yourself or your business to someone new, what would you say? Imagine that walk into an elevator and find Richard Branson in it. You’ve only got a short while to wow him with what you do. So what do you say?!
This is your ‘Elevator Pitch’. It needs to communicates the WHY, WHAT, and HOW that Simon speaks about in his video. What do you do and why?
Practice your pitch over and over – being consistent, authentic and genuine. Make sure that you’re using content to create an emotional appeal. Emotion is what will give your story power.
Why only 30 seconds? Easy. Because you need to be able to keep things clear and concise. Everyone can benefit when we cut down a long story!
How Do You Deliver Your Why?
Next you can support your WHY and positioning pitch by clarifying your HOW.
If you get stuck on this, consider asking your best customers. Get on the phone or meet up with some of them and ask:
  • What made you decide to hire me/buy from me?
  • What’s one thing I do better than others like me?
  • What’s one thing I could do better?
  • Would you refer me or do you refer me?
  • If you would refer me, what would you say?
  • Tell me a story, of a time I provided good service.
Writing your speed networking or elevator pitch will be an excellent basis for all you do. It’ll give you the foundation for copy that you write for your website or marketing materials. And you’ll be able to gauge your business’s success on whether you’re delivering on your WHY with your HOW.
Keep in mind that your WHY might change and grow as you do. What works for you right now might not work for you tomorrow. It’s important that you revisit this exercise every so often. And make sure that you don’t lose sight of your WHY, and the fire and passion that should go along with it.
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