secret to achieving goals through habits

Lots of people use goal setting as a tool to drive them to the next milestone. And I’m pretty sure you’ve given thought at one time or another towards goal achievement as a way to succeed. But here’s the deal: the secret to success, growth, and change is locked in habits and behaviours.

As soon as you can change a habit or behaviour that’s holding you back, you can make effortless progress towards an end.

The first step to actual achievement of any goal is identifying habits that foster growth. Working harder isn’t going to solve your problems or grow your business. Working smarter will.



Can you look at your goals and to-do lists as what they’ll do for all areas of your life? One of my favourite leadership authors and coaches, Nicole Huelin of MPower, writes about HER LIFE in her wonderful book, The Invisible Revolution. In an hour-long introductory call I had with her she asked, “Do you regularly consider goals & tasks that you need to do for all areas of HER LIFE (Health, Emotions, Relationships, Lifestyle, Impact, Finances, Education)?


A Scary Truth

Many people look at a to-do list as a list of things they should do. The problem with a “should” list is that it’s essentially an “I have no intention of actually doing this” list. Until these items show up on your “must do” list they will act as reminders of fear, regret and self-doubt.


Take Action Now

Over the next month, let’s try using one new habit that contributes towards both time management and balanced lives. Think: if you’ve gone only 1 hour to work a day, are you getting done what you need to, to feel like you’re winning in all areas of your life?

  1. Spend 15 minutes (maybe after dinner or before bed) planning your next day. Write a list of the things you SHOULD do the next day for each area of your life. (Look weekly if need be).
  2. Mark 1-2 things in each area that you MUST do the next day. What would give you a sure-fire win in that area? By the end of the week will you be balanced in all areas?
  3. Use that as your to-do list for the next day, and track your accomplishments against it when you make your list for the following day.
  4. Share with our Mastermind group on Facebook about how you’re doing in building this new time management habit.

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