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The first thing that I encourage you to do when getting started with inbound marketing is to stop thinking of your website and blog as separate entities. In today’s age they’re one and the same. Entrepreneurs need to realise that their blog is their best opportunity to have an online brochure full of regularly updated, exciting, informative content.

Regularly publishing and promoting new content related to your business on your website and blog will help you attract new visitors to your website. And it’ll help convert those visitors into leads.

Through a business blog you can show that you know what you’re talking about. It’s how you connect with your readers and position yourself as a leader in your industry. If you want clout, it starts with showing that you know your stuff by what you write in your blog.

So rather thank thinking that you need to “blog” tell yourself that you are working on your business. You’re delivering regular, engaging content to your prospects and customers via your website and blog to help them understand the value you can offer them.

Here are some tips to get (re)inspired to write regularly and contribute towards growing your business:

Be Clear Who You Are

If your business is really just YOU, then say so. You don’t need to make out that there are a ton of people involved. If people are hiring you as an individual, your blog is a chance to communicate who you are and connect with your reader on a one-to-one basis.

Just Pick A Topic Already!

Writers block is real. Very, very real. But the best way around it is to just pick a topic and get on with it! Don’t think too far down the line, just think about what questions your target audience might have and what advice you’d give them.

What are your customers’ frequently asked questions? Remember that people are searching online for help, and your blog’s purpose is to provide the answers. Take one FAQ and write an educational post that answers it. Once you pick a topic and title, the rest will fall into place.

Do Keyword Research

You need to know what keywords your buyers would be using. Think carefully about what keywords are associated with your industry and write about those topics in order to get your blog found.

If you know your industry, you’ve got something to give. You’re likely an expert in this topic already and if not, you’re likely super passionate about becoming one. So make sure you know what people are searching for and thread those keywords into your blog post.

Promote Your Offers

To ensure that you’re not spinning your wheels or wasting your time with writing your blog post, you have to include an offer. This is all about lead generation after all. Include a call to action at the end of every blog post that’s relevant to the content they’ve just read. And don’t forget to ask people to subscribe to your blog so that they get to see every word that you’ve (not so painfully) written.

Share Your Blog Posts

When you’re happy with what you’ve published and feel that it clearly offers an educational benefit to a reader, share it! Share now via social media and, if its still relevant in a few months, share it again.

The most important thing to recognise is that if you’re committed to growing your business, you need to have that same level of commitment towards your blog website. It is the most effective way to show thought leadership in your industry and position yourself as a powerhouse. And to get those leads flowing in!


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