Having worked for many years in agencies, I know firsthand the benefits of hiring an agency over a freelancer.

As a client you’re going to know exactly when your agency is open and who to call when you need help. You’ve probably got your account manager’s mobile number on speed dial. This responsiveness isn’t guaranteed when you’re working with a freelancer though you’d hope to get it.

Consistency can also be a challenge. It can be frustrating to find a great freelancer, only to have them disappear a month later. Many freelancers start out with the goal of being able to work “whenever and wherever they want.” And that can leave you in the lurch.

Then there’s the money aspect. Some freelancers have been known to drop clients when they find someone else willing to pay them more. Or perhaps if they decide to take on a regular job.


So What Are Freelancers Good For?

Remember, I’m still a freelancer! Let me show you more closely at what I – and others like me – offer and why you should be pro-freelancer.

1. Expertise

If an agency lacks a specific expertise in-house, the first thing they do is bring in freelancer. You add talent and expertise without having to make a full time hire.

I’ve worked on such a wide range of projects and clients, and done everything from strategic planning to the writing of email auto-responders and pop-ups. I bring this experience with me to every project I’m involved in.

2. Focus

Okay so this might initially seem contrary to what I just said about expertise. But very few freelancers, myself included, are going to come in and sell you on strategy, copywriting, graphic design, and website development all in one package. We tend to stick to a single area of focus. This makes us a valuable resource to supplement your team’s skill set.

3. Capacity

One freelancer can only handle so much, but a company should never need to turn down business. With a great team of freelancers available on call when you need them, you won’t have to. You can add to your current team’s skills as and when you need them.


In Summary…

When I work with new clients I always start by looking at what they feel they need, and offering that. Frequently there are then other areas that I may be able to help in. The beauty of hiring freelancers is that you’re able to have them when you need them then say goodbye, unless you decide you want a long term working relationship.

If you want to get in touch about the freelancing I may be able to do for your team, please get in touch.



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