One of the most frequent mistakes I see businesses encountering is that they’re not blogging enough. They have a blog and understand how it could be valuable to their marketing, but they don’t publish posts on a regular basis and when they do post there’s no order to the timing.

Research shows us that the more often a company blogs, the better that company is able to generate traffic and leads. Consider this:

  • Businesses that blog at least 20x per month generate over 5x more traffic than those that blog fewer than 4 times per month.
  • And businesses that blog at least 20x per month generate nearly 4x more leads than those that don’t blog at all.

So the companies benefiting from business blogging are the ones that blog frequently and consistently.

Just having a blog or blogging once per month when you feel you have something ‘newsworthy’ to share isn’t enough. Blogs can be extremely powerful at generating business but to build it takes time, effort and dedication.

Set Aside Time Each And Every Week

Make a commitment to the upkeep of your blog. Start by setting aside time to write one blog post per week. Then work your way up, or consider writing in batches.

Remember that you don’t have to do it all yourself. There’s no rule stating that only one person can contribute content to your blog, so encourage other employees in your company to have a go at writing. It’s a great way to divide the workload and add varying perspectives to your blog.

Get Organised to Get Ahead

Once you’re in the habit of writing weekly, take it a step further and create an editorial calendar to keep you on track with publishing regularly. Decide how many times per month you’d like to publish, then create a calendar and mark off the actual days you’ll commit to publishing. Take it a step further and plan out the topics you will write about on those specific days, always keeping in mind your audience and what might be happening in their world at that time.

Once you’ve worked your way into a regular blogging routing, consider increasing your blogging frequency. It’s the best way to turn your blog into an effective marketing tool.


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